Theatre Specs

Technical Information

Quick Facts

  • Total audience capacity: 1997, with variable capacity available at 1700, 1538 and 1384 seats.
  • Orchestra pit configurations: 20 or 80 musicians


  • Height at Centre: 9.03m
  • Width: 15.08m


  • Plaster line to last flying line: 14.71 m
  • Plaster line to rear sound door: 14.90 m
  • Plaster line to rear wall of rear stage: 31.66 m
  • Plaster line to edge of forestage: 1.53 m


  • Stage to underside of grid: 23.44 m
  • Stage to underside of fly galleries (clear): 9.50 m
  • Stage to underside PS ceiling (clear): 8.00 m
  • Stage to orchestra pit floor: 2.73 m
  • Stage to auditorium floor: 0.95 m


  • PS proscenium arch to side wall:16.90 m
  • OP proscenium arch to fly rail: 5.19 m
  • Centre to OP fly rail: 12.73 m
  • Centre to OP pack rail: 12.30 m
  • Centre to PS wall: 24.44 m
  • Distance between PS and OP fly floors: 22.45 m


  • Demountable semi sprung timber floor
  • 15m Wide x 14m Deep commencing 1.5 metres upstage of Proscenium Wall

Theatre Plans

For more detailed information about the theatre specifications download the plans below.

Sydney Lyric Theatre Plans